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Our Services

At Henderson Edelstein, if we see a need in your business, we will tell you and initiate a plan to implement it as efficiently and effectively as we can. Sometimes, it will involve us and at others, it will be something you can implement yourself and we needn't be involved, other times it will be outside our service offering but we will be able to refer you to someone that can assist.


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Taxation advice is core to our services at Henderson Edelstein and we offer a wide range of taxation services. Australian taxation law is a complex area and is one which is constantly changing either through the Government's commitment to its tax reform agenda or through interpretation of the law as it emerges through the Courts and from the Tax Office.

Henderson Edelstein is committed to keeping staff informed of tax changes through frequent internal and external training. Our Directors have advised everyone from public companies with complex businesses through to individuals with pressing tax issues.

We can advise you of your tax risk (where tax events can prevent you from achieving your goals) and help you put in place strategies to minimise that risk. Areas of advice include:

  • Partial and full disposal of corporate groups
  • Residency issues including temporary resident status
  • Employee share schemes
  • Capital gains tax
  • Taxation reviews and audits
  • Double tax agreement issues
  • Attributable income from CFC's and FIF's
  • Division 7A, deemed dividends and trust entitlements  
  • Effective trust distributions and review of deeds
  • Tax consolidations, cost setting process and recoupment of losses
  • Trans-Tasman imputation

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