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Our Services

At Henderson Edelstein, if we see a need in your business, we will tell you and initiate a plan to implement it as efficiently and effectively as we can. Sometimes, it will involve us and at others, it will be something you can implement yourself and we needn't be involved, other times it will be outside our service offering but we will be able to refer you to someone that can assist.


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Welcome to Henderson Edelstein

Since its establishment, Henderson Edelstein has developed a reputation of providing quality and timely professional services to our clients. This has been achieved through a detailed understanding of each client's affairs, commitment to maintaining the skills and performance of partners and staff at high levels, and embracing technology and the efficiencies that flow from it.

With a diverse range of clientele both in Australia and overseas, spanning many industries including agriculture, construction, investment, professional services, retail and manufacturing,  we understand that every client is different - be that in their respective fields of business, to that of their individual needs. In acknowledging this, we aim to provide services which are meaningful and specific to our clients' needs.

Our aim is to build long term trusted relationships where we work together to meet your goals, whether that be compliance, growing your business, strengthening internal procedures and controls or navigating your way through complex laws and regulations.

Should you be interested in obtaining more information about Henderson Edelstein, or would like to discuss how our professional services can assist you please do not hesitate to contact us.


Henderson Edelstein is a small firm offering a special relationship and first class advice to clients who value and act on it.


By continuing to advance our skills and experience, By knowing our clients personally and by communicating with them regularly, Henderson Edelstein excel at providing relevant timely business services to our clients helping them to achieve their personal goals. 

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